四倉由公彦 & 雄勝町伊達の黒船太鼓保存会


四倉由公彦 & 雄勝町伊達の黒船太鼓保存会
Yukihiko Yotsukura & Ogatsu-cho Date no Kurofune Daiko



Yukihiko Yotsukura


温泉文化とアート、電子音楽のイベント「鳴響 (2008-2013) 宮城県鳴子温泉」「渋響 (2009-2014) 長野県渋温泉」「肘響 (2013) 山形県肘折温泉」に出演。
三井ガーデンホテル京都河原町浄教寺、Adventure King、企画展「おがつの匂い」「おがつの石」など、楽曲提供。



Musician based in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Pref. Japan.

He is a member of several traditional groups (lion dance, drums) and an experienced musician if the improvisaton and contemporary music scene. He mainly composes ambient music and soundscapes through field recordings in the region, mixed with multiple instruments such as nylon strings guitar, irish bouzouki, shinobue (one of the Japanese bamboo flute), wadaiko (Japanese Drum) etc… He is one of the rare musician in Japan making bridge between the traditional arts and contemporary music. 







Date no Kurofune Taiko from Ogatsu

Date no Kurofune Taiko was established in May 1991 to commemoratethe 50th anniversary of the town of Ogatsu (later merged into Ishinomaki City in 2005) in Miyagi Prefecture. The group’s name, Date no Kurofune(“Date’s black vessel”),refers to the history of Ogatsu, where Load Masamune Date’s mission galleon, the San Juan Bautista, was built in 1613. This is also the title of our main composition. On March 11th, 2011, when the great east Japan earthquake hit, the town of Ogatsu sustained catastrophic damage.
Not only did the group lose our taikos, costumes andthe community center where we practiced,our entire hometown vanished in a matter of seconds.The members were separated and momentarily lost hope,but the support and encouragement from an overwhelming number of people soon gave us the courage and strength to recover from the devastation. After reuniting and re-igniting our energy, we decided to continue our mission of preserving this traditional performing art. Thanks to the Japan Foundation, the group was able to replace and repair taikos lost in the disaster. Our new costumes were designed by Junko Koshino, with financial support from the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan. We also received support from countless others, which had made it possible for us to continue the resonance of the taiko beat. The group is determined to continue its mission to conserve and introduce this traditional performing art of Ogatsu, to educate the next generation and pass on our legacy, and to keep a bonfire lit for the people who had no choice but to leave Ogatsu. We will continue beating with the spirit of Date in hope of uniting people through the town of Ogatsu, which Load Masamune Date secretly loved more than four hundred years ago.